Introducing Our Newest Adventure ... {maryland newborn, family & child portrait photographer}

Big Things Ahead... 

     For the past 8 years, Photography By Kylie has done it all. Between capturing weddings, families, newborns, babies' first years, engagements and even boudoir... it has been quite the adventure. Although I've done a lot & a little of everything, when people contact me for images... it is almost always in regards to a family session or newborn portraits. This is what Photography By Kylie is known for, and will continue to do for many years! That, and continue to be the most awkward person ever trying to get your kids to smile :P 

     Capturing all of these special moments within the same business has been an honor. However, Photography By Kylie is known for children and the joy that they bring. Weddings, Engagements and Boudoir are all adult sessions that unfortunately conflict with our brand & how we want to portray Photography By Kylie. So my husband, Brian, and I went out on a fancy date a few months back and began brainstorming what was to become a wonderful new business venture. And we are so excited to share it with you! 

     Are you ready? I can see you're on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and crying with anxiety :P Obviously not, but still! If you're a PBKylie fan, this is huge! Ok here we go....

     Launching in the Spring of 2018, we will be launching a brand new sister-company to exclusively capture all weddings, engagements & boudoir sessions! We have lovingly named our newest business Mint & Mae Company & are so excited! I, Kylie Wingert, will still be the primary photographer, editor & operator of both businesses... because my life just wasn't crazy enough I guess. While Photography By Kylie features soft, neutral colors to reflect the sweetness of the children I capture... Mint & Mae will be slightly more edgy, with a more adult appeal. 


     My friend, who is also my amazing hair dresser, was able to come in this weekend to model for my first Mint & Mae Co. Boudoir session. Definitely check out some of her shots below! I am very excited to add these to the Mint & Mae portfolio and welcome everyone to join in the fun with a bang! Katie will see all of you who booked our Boudoir Marathon on the big day to glam you up with sexy hair & beautiful make-up. Feel free to Facebook creep on her work on Facebook at -

     We have yet to get the major stuff put together for Mint & Mae Company, but will announce our big reveal sometime in April to gear up for Summer & Fall Bookings. Thank you to all who have shared in their excitedness & enthusiasm on yet another crazy adventure! Cheers!


To Our Ellie Girl

To Our Ellie Girl

"Rest your head next to my heart, never to part, baby of mine"      

     Oh, little girl. I can't begin. I don't know where to. The love I have for you breaks me down every time, and it's extra magnified on this big special day that is your first birthday. Your existence has changed my life, our whole world. You made me the mother of a daughter, you taught me more patience than I could ever learn and aside from your big brother have never felt a love so strong. My darling daughter, I hope you grow to be strong, wise, loving and kind to every person you meet. I hope you grow to know who you are and never lose sight of it. I hope you remember that no matter who you are, who you choose to love or what you look like we will always be your biggest fans. I hope you remember that no matter how much your big brother is annoyed by you, he begs me for another sister just because he adores you so much.  And above all, I hope you know how much Mommy and Daddy love you. We love your hair and the fact we've had to brush it every time you've taken a bath, since the time you were about 4 months old. We love your mischievous laugh. We love your beautiful tan skin that glows from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. We love that you will only dance to Beyonce. Your chunky little thighs are adorable and we've eaten your cheeks on a daily basis since the day you arrived. And your smile? It compels strangers to walk over to you to say hello wherever we are. You are our miracle. The daughter I never thought I'd have. The day I almost lost my life to my Diabetes was the day we found out we were expecting you, and because you existed you saved my life. I'll always take care of myself so I can be you and Mason's mom. My heart often aches for your snuggles when we're apart and the smell of your hair is like a drug... and to ever be apart from that is unimaginable. Everything that makes you Ellie, our chunky girl, is what we want to forever hold on to. We love you so very much, little girl. <3 Happy first birthday Elizabeth Mae! 

    To everyone who helped us get by and survive this first year, we hope you know who you are and how much you are loved by us! Ellie will always be surrounded by so much love thanks to every single person who made even 5 minutes of our day more manageable. A special thanks to Sugarloaf Photography & Silver Pixels Photography for capturing our little girl's first days and moments leading up to her birthday. And to a very special little boy, the son of a friend, who should be celebrating his own first birthday soon, but went to live with Jesus... I will never ever celebrate our children's close birthdays without you in our heart. Your life will always be celebrated in our home!

 Love you all <3